1st Masterclass in Bariatric Endoscopy,
24-25 April 2018

The IHU Strasbourg presents the Bariatric endoscopy Masterclass

Modern bariatric therapies need leaders with endoscopic skills that are well defined. Common sense suggests that the bariatric specialist who loses the opportunity to learn interventional endoscopy will soon disappear.

This IHU hands-on course is a unique opportunity for GI and surgical residents, fellows and practicing gastroenterologists and surgeons to learn the endoscopic skills required to form a foundation in the practice of bariatric endoscopy. Join this masterclass to acquire the kwnoledge required to make progress in cutting edge techniques such as endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and endoscopic revisions and to safely manage bariatric surgery complications.

– Objectives –
Comprehensive coverage of Bariatric Endoscopy by means of live surgery demonstrations, focused practical sessions, interactive lectures and discussion with worlds leaders in the field.

Special focus on: 
• Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty: indications, technique, and results
• How to treat complications during and following bariatric surgery
• Endoscopic salvage procedure for weight regain after bariatric surgery

– Faculty – 
S. Perretta, G. Donatelli, M. Galvao Neto, G. Lopez Nava, L. Swanström, M. Vix, A. D’Urso, L. Guerriero, A. Legner, P. Riva.

Registration fees: 1470€ – 20% discount for SOFFCO.MM members and IHU Strasbourg Surgical Endoscopy University Diploma participants.

Opened to 18 participants
* Course in english

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