Discover in pictures the session of the Inter-University Diploma in Digestive Surgery Robotics which was held at the IHU-IRCAD (Strasbourg) from 15 to 17 March 2018.

DIU Mars 18 - Groupe

This training course meets a growing demand from confirmed or in-training digestive surgeons, because of the large number of health facilities equipped with these new robotic technologies. This course is unique in France. Its objective is to provide digestive surgeons (confirmed or in-training) as well as operating room nurses with the fundamentals to carry out a certain number of digestive interventions assisted by the Intuitive Surgical Da VinciR  Robot.

This diploma not only covers the theoretical and practical bases of robotic surgery, but also develops specific areas such as gastroesophageal and bariatric surgery by Professor Bresler in Nancy, colorectal surgery by Professor Rouanet in Montpellier and hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery by Professor Pessaux in Strasbourg.

Le module de spécialité, qui s’est déroulé à l’IHU-IRCAD (Strasbourg) du 15 au 17 mars 2018, a été encadré par le Pr. Patrick Pessaux (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg/IHU-Strasbourg), le Pr. Panaro (CHRU St Eloi, Montpellier), le Dr. Cyril Perrenot (CHU Brabois, Nancy), le Dr. Riccardo Memeo (Bari, Italie) et le Dr. Vito de Blasi (CHL, Luxembourg).

Photo credits: IHU & IRCAD Strasbourg