Register for the course “Percutaneous Image-Guided Surgery” organized by the Institut of Image-Guided Surgery! Ircad-IHU is excited to present the first percutaneous image-guided surgery course This multidisciplinary course provides complete, timely, accurate, practical coverage of interventional image guided percutaneous radiology techniques applied to abdominal diseases while presenting new developments in instrumentation and technology in the field.  Designed for surgeons, radiologists and… Read More»

IHU Strasbourg explores the concept of image guided surgery to an extent that has not been attained before for the treatment of digestive diseases. The inner core of the project is an interventional platform with multimodal imaging which is unique worldwide, realized through strategic industry partnerships. Watch this unique timelapse to see the Institute of… Read More»

FIRST EUROPEAN WORKSHOP OF MEDTECH ALSACE Nanomedicine, Modelling, Virtual Reality and Robotics applied to Surgery We proudly announce the first annual scientific workshop aiming to strengthen cooperation between researchers, companies and investors working in the fields of Nanomedicine, Modelling, Virtual Reality and Robotics applied to Surgery, in the framework of the French MedTech Alsace and… Read More»

BACKGROUND Over the last twenty years, surgery and endoscopy have changed dramatically. A new discipline, which uses flexible as well as rigid endoscopes for therapy, gradually emerges : surgical endoscopy. It therefore seems essential to provide education of surgical endoscopy. LEARNING OBJECTIVES The educational objective of this University Diploma is to acquire basic knowledge and… Read More»