One more weapon
in the arsenal to fight obesity

Professor Silvana Perretta (Director of Department at the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery of Strasbourg) and Doctor Michel Vix (Director of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Program at the University Hospital of Strasbourg) have treated a first group of fifteen patients suffering from obesity by interventional image-guided endoscopy. This clinical innovation has been carried out on the platform of the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery of Strasbourg.

Endo Sleeve

This endoscopic technique realized through natural routes, in this case the mouth, allows to reduce the size of the stomach by folding it back on itself. Surgical stitches are realized from the inside of the organ allowing the adjustment of its volume. No further surgery is required.

With this new procedure, it is possible to lose from 30 to 50% or more of the excess body weight (with individual variations). A tailored coaching program delivered by a multidisciplinary team and the full commitment of the patient provide a successful result in the long term.

This first cohort of French patients demonstrates the efficiency of image-guided minimally-invasive surgery techniques carried out at the Institute of Strasbourg. One of the key objectives is to train the future healthcare professionals to these innovations to bring them to all patients.

Some figures

In France, 6.5 million of people are classified as obese, meaning 14.5% of the adult population. Obesity and overweight have steadily increased since 1997 in France: it is the 5th risk factor of death at the international level. This disease is alarming in terms of public health and represents a major health problem in the coming years. To date, only 1 patient out of 400 benefits from obesity surgery.

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