Visible Patient

VISIBLE PATIENT: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Luc Soler

Prof. Luc SOLER


Visible Patient develops new image-guided surgery based on computer-assisted solutions. The goal is to make the patient visible during surgery through virtual transparency in order to increase accuracy and safety of any procedure.

VISIBLE PATIENT : original user-friendly online service for physicians

To reach this objective, Visible Patient has developed an original user-friendly online service for physicians who need a personalized 3D modelling of a patient to efficiently plan therapy. To obtain this 3D modelling, the physician has to fill out a request form online and upload the anonymous DICOM image of the patient onto the secured Visible Patient server.

VISIBLE PATIENT : visualize the result on any deviceThe Visible Patient service then performs the 3D modelling, which is available on the requested date on the same server. To visualize the result, the physician has only to download the virtual 3D patient from the various freeware developed by the company to plan the surgery on any personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

This service, which is expected to be CE-marked in October 2014, will be provided for any part of the human body except the brain.

VISIBLE PATIENT extracts the 3D models of patient

It can be applied from CT-scan or MRI for liver, lungs, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, thyroid and parathyroid as well as the digestive tract, bones or vascular pathologies, regardless of the age of the patient (from paediatric to geriatric surgery).

In case of several medical images or modalities, Visible Patient can also combine information and models extracted from each image to provide a unique 3D modelling of the patient.