Patients are treated within the Institute, in 9 operating rooms equipped with the latest technology for minimally invasive surgery, endoscopy and advanced medical imaging.
The platform consists of:
  • 3 operating rooms for minimally invasive surgery;
  • 3 operating rooms for gastroenterology;
  • 3 operating rooms equipped in hybrid rooms;
  • 2 mobile C-Arms which are imaging systems.
The technical platform is equipped with the latest generation of laparoscopic and endoscopic devices, including the da Vinci Xi surgical robot.

Bloc OP

A new generation of operating rooms for hybrid surgery

These operating rooms will combine the best minimally invasive technologies for surgery, endoscopy and interventional radiology using surgical robotics and advanced medical imaging.

The platform will unite the best surgical and intraoperative guidance technologies in the same space, allowing surgeons to perform precise and timely procedures adapted to each patient.

Artis Pheno

An operating room equipped with a robotic 3D imager “ARTIS Pheno”