Towards the discovery of new therapeutic targets for chronic liver disease and cancer Due to increasing unhealthy life style world-wide, chronic liver disease and cancer are on the rise. Liver cancer is a leading cause of cancer death world-wide. Therapeutic options are unsatisfactory for metabolic liver disease (NASH), fibrosis and cancer. One reason is the… Read More»

Course will be delivered in English. Sufficient level of command of English is required. BACKGROUND The information provided by medical imaging has taken an important position in diagnostic processes and therapeutic decision-making in modern medicine. Medical imaging includes heavy imaging equipment (medical scanner, magnetic resonance) which are in a constant state of evolution in order… Read More»

BACKGROUND Over the past twenty years, surgery and endoscopy have changed dramatically. A new discipline, using rigid as well as flexible endoscopes for therapeutic purposes, is gradually emerging. It therefore seems essential to provide training in surgical endoscopy. LEARNING OBJECTIVES The educational objective of this University Diploma is to acquire basic knowledge and skills in… Read More»

Register for the course “ITEC 2019” organized by the Institute of Image-guided Surgery!   The Institute of Image-Guided Surgery (IHU Strasbourg) is presenting its second International Therapeutic Endoscopic Ultrasound Course (ITEC-IHU, May 2019). This world-renowned Therapeutic Endoscopic Ultrasound (TEUS) technique has transformed our approach from traditional surgical management to non-invasive endoscopy. Endosonographers require specific training… Read More»

Register for the course “Image-Guided Surgery Week” organized by the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery!    IHU presents the 2019 Image-Guided Surgery Week This multidisciplinary course provides complete, timely, accurate, practical coverage of interventional image-guided percutaneous surgery techniques and ablation therapies applied to abdominal diseases while presenting new developments in instrumentation and technology in the field.… Read More»