The Institute invests in R&D to identify new therapeutic approaches using tools for image-guided minimally invasive surgery.

The research strategy relies on the integration of multidisciplinary medical, scientific, and industrial skills within project teams.

Every year, the project portfolio is evaluated, according to a rigorous and transparent process, by the International Scientific Committee of the Institute which has defined 4 R&D priority areas:

COMPUTER-ASSISTED SURGERY: COMPUTER ASSISTED SURGERYGeometrical and biomechanical modeling, simulation, augmented reality, 3D intraoperative view

FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPY: UNIVERSAL FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPEAutomation, MRI compatibility, interventional endoscopy

HYBRID INSTRUMENTATION: HYBRID INSTRUMENTATIONAutomation, MRI-compatible instruments, X-ray dose follow-up

CHEMISTRY APPLIED TO IMAGING: IMAGING – CHEMISTRYNew contrast agents, image-guided drug delivery

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