The IHU Strasbourg tackles the challenges of the surgery of the future by developing image-guided minimally invasive procedures to ensure more precise and safer operations for every patient.



An innovative 13,000m² building was opened in 2016, physically connected to the “Nouvel Hôpital Civil” hospital building and its hospitalisation facilities, as well as to the IRCAD to leverage its research and teaching capabilities. It illustrates the IHU’s mission to improve patient care by bringing together exceptional research capabilities and support for clinical management.

The facility includes R&D laboratories, experimental operating rooms, and innovative operating theatres.

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Operating theatre

The operating suite provides patientcare in 9 operating rooms, including 3 hybrid theatres equipped with the latest technologies in minimally invasive surgery, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, and innovative medical imaging. The platform is equipped with surgical robots to enhance the quality and ease of surgical procedures.

This facility ensures access to the most innovative technologies in minimally invasive and intraoperative image-guided surgery, allowing for bespoke, precise procedures that are perfectly suited to each patient.


Experimental platform

Comprising 5 operating theatres, including 3 ‘hybrid’ theatres combining diagnostic imaging with surgery, the platform is designed to develop the minimally invasive approaches that will shape the surgery of the future. Its purpose is to provide a unique venue for research, training, and innovation in the development and evaluation of medical devices and new image-guided surgical procedures within an environment closely resembling hospital conditions.

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IHU France

IHU France, the IHU Network

Emblematic creations of the “Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir”  (PIA), the IHUs are centers of excellence where the medicine of tomorrow is being invented, by bringing together the best public and private teams, with an agility of action at the service of patients, research, training, and innovation. Their actions are focused on patients, who benefit from the innovations in top-tier research while ensuring equal access to care and keeping healthcare costs under control.

Today, the IHU France network consists of 19 IHUs spread across the country, covering numerous medical and surgical specialties of excellence.

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