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LATAM Scholarship

LATAM Scholarship


TheIHU Strasbourg has set up a LATAM Scholarship program to promote the contact between medical researchers and to expand the scientific cooperation between France and Latin American and Caribbean countries. The French “Instituts Hospitalo-Universitaires” (IHU) are centers of scientific and medical excellence, with a strong focus on image-guided interventions at the IHU-Strasbourg.
Cette bourse LATAM offre à de jeunes professionnels d’Amérique latine et des Caraïbes la possibilité de participer pendant un an à l’IHU Strasbourg à plusieurs projets de recherche et de formation dans le domaine des thérapies guidées par l’image.
The aim is to select promising candidates and their research projects, thereby targeting to support their academic career. Upon the scholars’ return to their home institution, the acquired skills and experience will promote research and medical education at their home country, as well as the continuation of joint projects.


  • The LATAM fellowship is open to candidates living in Latin American or Caribbean countries at the time of application.
  • Applicants must be graduated from medical schools and have completed residency training in surgery, radiology or gastroenterology.
  • Sound English skills are a prerequisite, whereas French language skills are an asset (but not mandatory).
  • The LATAM Scholarships for Research in Image-Guided Therapy are only valid in the year for which they are designated.
    They cannot be postponed.
  • The application forms for IHU fellowship programs are available online
    Please refer to the LATAM scholarship when submitting your set of application documents via email to fellowship@ihu-strasbourg.eu
    (Fellowship Program Director: Barbara Seeliger).

Selection Process

The applicant must submit the complete application documents here before March 1 for the respective academic year (September to August).

A ranking of candidates will be supported by a panel ofLATAM experts associated with IHU Strasbourg. Demonstration of an academic affiliation for continuation of an academic career at the home institution is considered favorably. The top ranked candidates will be invited for a zoom interview during April/May after which the IHU fellowship committee will select one candidate per year for the LATAM scholarship.

For additional information, Mariano Gimenez is available to connect the applicants with LATAM experts collaborating with IHU Strasbourg, who support this program.

LATAM experts associated with IHU Strasbourg

Previous fellows

Fondation DAICIM : www.fundaciondaicim.com.ar

Pour postuler, les candidats doivent adresser par courriel un dossier à fellowship@ihu-strasbourg.eu comprenant les éléments suivants :

  • Une lettre de motivation (max. 500 mots) indiquant leurs intérêts en termes de recherche et leurs motivation pour rejoindre l’IHU Strasbourg
  • Un CV court avec liste de publications
  • Le formulaire en annexe complété (en anglais) – à télécharger
  • Une ou deux lettres de recommandation