The ambition is to establish a new model of care that combines early diagnosis, outpatient or short-stay surgery, with early rehabilitation, to offer the best quality of life with an optimised cost to the healthcare system.


At the cutting edge of innovation

At its inception, the IHU Strasbourg focused on digestive pathologies with an emphasis on oncological surgery. From the outset, the programme was designed to open up innovation to other disciplines. This openness is now taking shape. The programme of excellence is supported by its public and private founders. It is  internationally recognised, and integrates patient care, translational research, education, and technology transfer.

The aim is to promote bespoke and minimally invasive treatment for each patient, economically efficient in technical infrastructure and therapeutic means.


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Clinical research

The institute brings the latest medical innovations to patients by piloting clinical trials of new procedures and technologies. These studies assess clinical benefits as well as medical-economic efficiency. Today, 65% of patients in the care department benefit from clinical trials, which cover a very wide range of investigations (new medical or surgical devices, innovative care pathways, improved preparation and recovery for surgy).

Recherche clinique
Centre d'imagerie médicale

Medical imaging center

Born of a partnership between the IHU and the Strasbourg University Hospitals, the medical imaging center (GIE) aims to become a center of excellence in imaging. The radiologists involved have recognised expertise in their respective fields, including oncology (cancerology), abdominal, ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat), neurology and osteoarticular (musculoskeletal) imaging. Patient care and optimal care, accessible to all, are our daily priority. At the GIE, all practitioners are covered by “Sector 1” agreements and do not charge additional fees.