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A Unique Expertise

At New University Hospital (NHC) of Strasbourg we regularly treat superobese, high operative risk patients and commonly perform surgery for patients who failed primary bariatric surgery and require a second bariatric intervention.

We have the expertise to manage the most challenging and complex conditions, including complications referred from other centers and post-surgical patients with weight re-gain.

We are one of the only centers in Europe to do this using endoscopic techniques. Our endoscopic expertise also allows us to offer several endoluminal weight-loss options allowing us to tailor your obesity treatment to YOU.

Our faculty serve as instructors in bariatric procedures for surgeons from around the world and participate in multiple national and international clinical trials.


Multidisciplinary Team

Our team includes surgeons, diabetes specialists, dietitians, nurses and clinical coordinators. We offer comprehensive evaluations before surgery and multi-faceted care after.

This includes dietician services, continuing education, and our Obesity Community website, support group and fitness team. Most importantly, we provide support for the long term.

Surgical Techniques

The choice of the surgical procedure is determined at the end of the preoperative assessment. This one allows to detect the possible contraindications for certain types of interventions. It is primordial to be aware of the advantages and risks of complications that may occur in the short or long term. We are with your listening, your opinion is taken in consideration with the results of the preoperative assessment.

There are several possible surgical techniques depending on your personal situation.

A Common Commitment

The exceptional benefits of bariatric surgery don’t come without effort. We know that your initial weight loss and the long-term maintenance of this loss require the structured support of a coordinated team.

At Strasbourg University Bariatric and Metabolic Weight Loss Center and Institute of Image-Guided Surgery we provide you with comprehensive evaluation, on-going education and individualized support before and after your surgery. We are committed to you and to the long-term relationship required to help you succeed. Surgery is a major decision which can create a major life change. While we can help, the real success comes down to you.

In evaluating whether to have bariatric surgery, consider that it is not just surgery and dieting that will change your life. Success and triumph also depend on your willingness, your honesty and your commitment to yourself.


we help you achieve your weight-loss goals

The surgical management of obesity is based on 4 axes.
The surgical intervention, the preoperative and postoperative nutritional care, a preoperative and sometimes postoperative psychological assessment and follow-up, and a regular and sustained physical activity.