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Surgical Endoscopy
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Inter-University Diploma

Robotic Digestive Surgery
Montpellier / Nancy/ Strasbourg


Diploma over 1year, total of 4 seminars, one being held in Strasbourg, with hands-on practice. For Strasbourg, done on Intuitive Surgical platform.

This diploma meets a growing demand and is unique in France. The objective of this diploma is to allow experienced digestive surgeons or those at the end of their training and operating room nurses (IBODE and IDE) to acquire sufficient knowledge to carry out a certain number of digestive procedures using the Da Vinci system. This diploma involves 3 university departments (Nancy, Montpellier, and Strasbourg) with nationally and internationally recognized competence in robotic digestive surgery.


  • Course duration: 1 year
  • Total training hours: 91.5 hours
  • 4 sessions of 3 consecutive days over 1 year.


  • Surgeons with DES in general surgery or DESC in visceral and digestive surgery
  • Digestive surgeons
  • Surgeons in training enrolled in the DESC of visceral and digestive surgery
  • IBODE and IDE working in operating theatres.

Number of places: 16 (Continuing education)

Dates in 2024


  • Session NANCY: TBD
  • Session STRASBOURG: March 11 to 13, 2024
  • Session MONTPELLIER:  June 21 to 22, 2024





Basic module – Core curriculum

Pr. Manuela Perez
Dr. Cyril Perrenot
Dr. Nicolas Berte

Specialty module – Surgeon

Pr. Manuela Perez / Dr. Cyril Perrenot
Dr. Nicolas Berte / Dr. Nicolas Reibel
Pr. Philippe Rouanet
Pr. Patrick Pessaux / Dr. Zineb Cherkaoui

Training location:

Theoretical modules take place in Nancy, Strasbourg and Montpellier, or by distance learning from the various faculties participating in the DIU, and by E-learning.

Practical modules take place at the Nancy School of Surgery, the Strasbourg IHU and the Montpellier Faculty of Medicine.

Download the DIU de Chirurgie Digestive Robotique poster (in French)

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pre-registration 2023/2024