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Surgical Endoscopy

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Master Surgical Science – Surgical Endoscopy

Surgical and Interventional Endoscopy (SE)

The program presents a unique opportunity to learn basic and advanced endoscopic skills to form a foundation in the practice of flexible endoscopy, while introducing cutting-edge techniques such as ESD, POEM, endoscopic suturing, ERCP and EUS. Training courses are provided by world-renowned experts, and are proposed as academic courses (University diploma and Master) or continuing medical education. They combine online theory, extensive practice on simulators and models, and clinical experience to achieve a demonstrable competency in endoscopic surgery.


This 2-year Master’s program, open to surgeons and gastroenterologists, is designed in steps, combining theory and practical training to stimulate and support mentoring. The first year (M1) will teach the basic endoscopic skills to provides knowledge and mastery of basic techniques and gestures. The second year (M2) offers a choice of personalized training paths according to the student’s chosen field: hepatobiliopancreatic, digestive and bariatric, and endoscopic resections. At the end of the course, participants have the knowledge and skills required to perform high-quality diagnostic and interventional endoscopic procedures.


Directors and co-directors


Prof. Silvana Perretta

Prof. Lee Swanström
Dr. Bernard Dallemagne
Dr. Gianfranco Donatelli

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