IHU Strasbourg and ICube have successfully organized CLINICCAI, the first clinical day at the international MICCAI conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions on September 29. CLINICCAI and MICCAI, initially planned to be hosted in Strasbourg, took place virtually this year. CLINICCAI featured 23 oral presentations by clinicians, who showed and discussed their research on the more translational and clinical aspects of medical image computing, computer-assisted interventions, and medical robotics. The event was a great success!


An interview of Prof. Nicolas Padoy about CLINICCAI (p. 22):

IHU Strasbourg has sponsored the best presentation awards, attributed to:

Fiona Kolbinger, for the work:
Artificial Intelligence for context-aware surgical guidance during robot-assisted rectal resection – an exploratory feasibility study
Kolbinger, Fiona; Stefan Leger; Matthias Carstens; Franziska M. Rinner; Stefanie Krell; Alexander Chernykh; Sebastian Bodenstedt; Johannes Fritzmann; Marius Distler; Jürgen Weitz; Stefanie Speidel

Cesare Hassan, for the work:
Optical diagnosis assisted by real-time Artificial Intelligence for <5 mm rectosigmoid polyps (Artificial intelligence BLI Characterization; ABC study) Rondonotti Emanuele, Hassan Cesare, Tamanini Giacomo, Antonelli Giulio et al.

These awards include a 2-days research visit at IHU Strasbourg, free of charge -congratulations to the awardees!


COVID-19 Related olfactory disorders: 96% Recovery at 1 year

COVID-19 Related olfactory disorders: 96% Recovery at 1 year

In an article published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open, the ENT team of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg (Dr. Marion Renaud), with the support of the IHU Strasbourg, is the first to describe the one-year prognosis of post-COVID-19–related anosmia. Their results are reassuring!  A large majority (85%) of patients regained a fairly normal sense of smell within the first 6 months and 96% of patients had completely recovered their sense of smell within a year!

Clinical Outcomes for Patients With Anosmia 1 Year After COVID-19 Diagnosis

Crédit photo :


Read the full article at JAMA Network Open

The article was read more than 10,000 times in 72 hours and received great news coverage both nationally and internationally, with more than 100 press articles, including:

HUS Strasbourg

ENSIST: A new collaboration between InSimo and IHU Strasbourg, supported by the Region Grand Est

ENSIST: A new collaboration between InSimo and IHU Strasbourg, supported by the Region Grand Est

In partnership with the IHU Strasbourg, InSimo has embarked on the development of simulation modules dedicated to learning new surgical techniques using endoscopy approach with the launching of the ENSIST project supported by the Grand Est Region. The simulation modules will be carried through with the IHU Strasbourg, allowing ENSIST to lay a solid foundation for collaboration with a view to building a close and long-lasting partnership. Through this project, InSimo will benefit from the input of medical experts from the institute who will support its development from defining training needs to the implementation of training, and will validate the pedagogical value of the simulator.

The development of the two simulation modules will be supervised by Prof. Lee Swanström, Director of Innovation (IHU Strasbourg) and Prof. Silvana Perretta, Director of Education (IHU Strasbourg). Therefore, through this partnership, InSimo will be able to count on the support of the institute’s resources for the management of preclinical and clinical research with a study that will be conducted to validate patient-specific simulation of stomach deformation.


Photo credit: InSimo

In 2020, the ENSIST project won the R&D&I scheme set up to support collaborative R&D and innovation projects.
This project has the support of the Grand Est Region, BioValleyFrance and BPI France providing significant support for a project estimated at over a million euros.

For more information, the press release in English


CLINICCAI: The First Clinical Day at MICCAI!

CLINICCAI: The First Clinical Day at MICCAI!


Save the date: September 29th, 2021

Don’t miss the chance to discuss your research on the more translational and clinical aspects of medical image computing, computer-assisted intervention, and medical robotics at the first edition of CLINICCAI!

This international event dedicated to healthcare practitioners will be a fantastic opportunity to network with renowned biomedical scientists and get inspired by the scientific sessions and social happenings of the 24th edition of the MICCAI conference.

Healthcare practitioners from academic centres and start-ups are kindly invited to submit their abstracts by May 24, 2021, for a chance to compete for the CLINICCAI Best Presentation Award!

CLINICCAI will be held on September 29, 2021, as a hybrid event – allowing both onsite and online participation. Presenting healthcare practitioners can take advantage of a discounted registration to attend MICCAI 2021, to be held from September 27 to October 1, 2021.


We look forward to welcoming you at CLINICCAI!

For more information, visit the CLINICCAI website

Download the Call for Abstract

The IHU Strasbourg presents its medical imaging facility (GIE) through a new website

The IHU Strasbourg presents its medical imaging facility (GIE) through a new website

Created in partnership with the University Hospitals of Strasbourg (HUS), the Medical Imaging Facility (GIE) of the IHU Strasbourg is part of a comprehensive multidisciplinary patient care plan in all areas of imaging (CT and MRI).

Centre d'imagerie médicale de Strasbourg

Both a reflection of the institute’s activity and its medical imaging facility, this website also offers insight into health care activities as well as challenges and innovations in medical imaging. By presenting a broader range of healthcare, including different specialties such as ENT imaging, neuroradiology, oncology imaging, osteo-articular imaging as well as a global and multidisciplinary management of digestive diseases, this website is aimed at all patients.

An Imaging Centre of Excellence

The IHU Strasbourg is committed to being a centre of excellence in medical imaging. The radiologists working onsite all have recognized expertise in their respective fields. Providing patient access to optimal healthcare is the team’s everyday priority.

At the Medical Imaging Facility of the IHU Strasbourg, all doctors are Sector 1-contracted and do not overrun their fees.

Innovative Research Protocols

Patients can also participate in innovative research protocols developed at the IHU Strasbourg.

The Institute of Image-Guided Surgery unveils the pilot version of its new website dedicated to its Medical Imaging Facility (french version):

Centre d'imagerie médicale de StrasbourgHUS Strasbourg