ENSIST: A new collaboration between InSimo and IHU Strasbourg, supported by the Region Grand Est

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In partnership with the IHU Strasbourg, InSimo has embarked on the development of simulation modules dedicated to learning new surgical techniques using endoscopy approach with the launching of the ENSIST project supported by the Grand Est Region. The simulation modules will be carried through with the IHU Strasbourg, allowing ENSIST to lay a solid foundation for collaboration with a view to building a close and long-lasting partnership. Through this project, InSimo will benefit from the input of medical experts from the institute who will support its development from defining training needs to the implementation of training, and will validate the pedagogical value of the simulator.

The development of the two simulation modules will be supervised by Prof. Lee Swanström, Director of Innovation (IHU Strasbourg) and Prof. Silvana Perretta, Director of Education (IHU Strasbourg). Therefore, through this partnership, InSimo will be able to count on the support of the institute’s resources for the management of preclinical and clinical research with a study that will be conducted to validate patient-specific simulation of stomach deformation.


Photo credit: InSimo

In 2020, the ENSIST project won the R&D&I scheme set up to support collaborative R&D and innovation projects.
This project has the support of the Grand Est Region, BioValleyFrance and BPI France providing significant support for a project estimated at over a million euros.

For more information, the press release in English


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