A Glimpse into the Latest Surgical Endoscopy Session at IHU Strasbourg

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Relive the intensity and expertise of last week’s hands-on training in surgical and interventional endoscopy at the IHU Strasbourg. Under the direction of Prof. Silvana Perretta, the course featured the participation of prestigious international experts adding an extra dimension to this immersive experience.

Among them  were Dr. Abu Dayyeh (US), Dr. Andrisani (IT), Dr. Bhandari (IN), Prof P. Chiu (HK), Dr. Dallemagne (BE), Dr. Huberty (BE), Dr. Legner (HU), Prof. Maselli (IT), Dr. Papparella (IT), Dr. Riva (IT), Dr. Stier (DE), and Dr. Turró (ES). Their contributions enriched this session by offering varied perspectives and high-level expertise

Experts brought their unique vision and vast experience in the field of surgical endoscopy, offering attendees innovative ideas and invaluable advice on perfecting their technical skills and clinical approach.

As such, the curricula are designed to offer a balance of theory, practice, clinical skills and exchange of experience. During this course, participants were introduced to advanced techniques such as ESD, and endoscopic suturing through intensive workshops and interactive demonstrations.


This session of immersion in the field of surgical endoscopy is just the beginning of an ongoing journey towards excellence for the participants. Thanks to training courses such as this one, the IHU Strasbourg is positioning itself as a leader in the field of continuing medical education and the advancement of surgical endoscopic practices.

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