Explore the latest advances in surgical endoscopy with the HO1. Hands-on course Flexible Endoscopy

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Hands-on course in Flexible Endoscopy at the EAES Annual Congress 2024

Explore the latest advances in surgical endoscopy with the “HO1. Flexible Endoscopy” course led by Professor Silvana Perretta at the 32nd EAES Annual Congress in Maastricht, The Netherlands, on June 11, 2024.

Since 2016, The EAES (European Association of Endoscopic Surgery) and IHU Strasbourg have been organizing a hands-on course in flexible endoscopy at the EAES annual congress “H01. Hands-on course Flexible Endoscopy“. Inspired by IHU training courses, this course will enable around twenty participants to learn or perfect their surgical endoscopy skills.

In a context where surgical techniques are constantly evolving, flexible endoscopy is becoming increasingly important for tomorrow’s surgeons. This hands-on course offers a unique opportunity to acquire the necessary skills in flexible endoscopy, and to discover cutting-edge techniques such as ESD, POEM and suturing techniques.

Led by experts in the field, this course will teach participants the basic and advanced techniques of flexible endoscopy, through didactic endoscopic images, clinical case videos and hands-on courses. At the end of this course, participants will be able to understand the value of preoperative endoscopy, manage common complications of gastrointestinal surgery and master various advanced techniques such as EMR, ESD and full thickness resection.

The course will take place on June 11, 2024 at MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands, and will be led by Professor Silvana Perretta and a team of international experts.

Full details on the dedicated page
Registration: eaes.eu

Don’t miss this opportunity to hone your endoscopy skills and benefit from the experience of an international team of experts!

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